The engineering solution you need in Eden!

Sapphire Coast Engineering in Eden is constantly striving for excellence in engineering services and practices. Whatever engineering solution you require in Eden you can be assured you are only receiving the best in the industry. We fabricate a lot of the components for projects in house and with our 25 years of experience our team only strive to provide the best!

Customer focus

Our vision is to be forward thinking in our approach to customer service. We want to be customer driven, not just customer focused, so we are always looking for new, exciting ways to advance solutions before there is ever a problem. The team at Sapphire Coast Engineering will take the time to look at every angle and ensure the best engineering solution for you!


At Sapphire Coast Engineering, we think outside the square. We encourage new ideas and promote a thirst for advancement, improvement and new possibilities in all aspects of our work. Our team provide a range of services some of which include:

  • Selling of steel
  • Pipe & tube bending, rolling & threading
  • Guillotine (8mmx4mtr) & press brake facility (160Tnx4mtr)
  • Sheet metal supplies (stainless, aluminium, galvanise & zinc)

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Safety is our ultimate priority.

We strive for constant awareness and compliance to safety procedures. We aim to provide our customers with the safest and most effective engineering solutions in Eden.

Construction of an engineering solution in Eden